Customer Communication

Emails . SMS . OTP . Push Notifications

You communicate with your users primarily through Emails, SMS (Text Messages) and Push Notifications.

To illustrate .....

  • User Sign Up - Send a verification Email or One-Time-Password (OTP).

  • After Signup - Send a welcome email.

  • Forgot Password - Send a reset password link or OTP.

  • User Purchased Something - Send an order confirmation Email and SMS.

The list goes on. You can trigger transactional and marketing messages manually, via the API, or via rules/automations.

Send With SES integrates with your own AWS account to send Emails, SMS, and Push Notifications. Integration is a one time process. Once complete, you can enjoy the benefits of a highly reliable and low cost email/sms sending service that will last you for as long as you wish.

Sounds simple, right?
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