Send With SES does three things.

Customer Data.
Unlimited Contacts and Contact Metadata.

Customer Communication.
Send Emails, SMS, Push Notifications.

Customer Support.
Live Chat and Team Inboxes

Customer Data.
Store unlimited contacts. Stream customer browsing events to your contacts in real-time. Then slice-n-dice to send targeted messages manually or via the API.

Customer Communication.
Connect your AWS account to send transactional and marketing Emails, SMS, Push Notifications. Scale to billions of messages.

Live Chat.
Add the live chat plugin to your web or mobile app and solve customer issues in real-time.

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Coming Soon.

Team Inboxes.
Setup one or more team inboxes. Invite your team to handle customer support tickets.

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Pricing Plans

USD 0/- Month

Contacts - Unlimited

Emails - 15,000

SMS - 100

1 GB Storage

Stream Rate - 60 reqs/min

USD 15/- Month

Contacts - Unlimited

Emails - 100,000

SMS - 100,000

1 Team Inbox

Live Chat

5 Team Members

15 GB Storage

Stream Rate - 300 reqs/min

USD 150/- Month

Contacts - Unlimited

Emails - 1 Million

SMS - 1 Million

5 Team Inboxes

Live Chat

15 Team Members

150 GB Storage

Stream Rate - 1800 reqs/min

USD 500/- Month

Contacts - Unlimited

Emails - 5 Million

SMS - 5 Million

10 Team Inboxes

Live Chat

50 Team Members

500 GB Storage

Stream Rate - 6K reqs/min

Extra Large
USD 2500/- Month

Contacts - Unlimited

Emails - Unlimted

SMS - Unlimited

50 Team Inboxes

Live Chat

500 Team Members

5 TB Storage

Stream Rate - 60K reqs/min

Dedicated Account Manager

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